Next Race – August 19th, Ron Williams KOM #4 – Peter’s Ck Rd

Anyone that rode this Sunday at Burford Hill will not be forgetting it for a very long time. Conditions were to say the least – challenging. Well done to everyone who had a go.

Are you really listening to the Referee Briefings??? – At Burford Hill, we were all instructed not to return to the finish line after our event. The intention behind this new instruction was an attempt to clear the line of onlookers at race finish. We’ve all seen it, bikes everywhere congesting the area adding to the confusion for car drivers and riders alike. My point here is that every race briefing is important – be at the start line 5 minutes before your event to ensure you pick up what the Referee has to say.

Nominate via the SDVLCC site by Wednesday night for the next challenge, Peter’s Ck KOM and finish on Hunt Rd. Weather is improving, so don’t miss out. Adelaide Hills will be joining us.