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For 2018, we will be trialling yet another version in the never ending search of perfection. We held a poll amongst the committee members June 17, and the decision was to adopt the following for 2018:  On the day of an Eblens race, prize money (from club noms) will be going to the place getters across the finish line on the last lap. Points will be accumulated on each of the sprints (3,2,1 and double points on final lap), and tallied across the three race series. Eblens sponsorship will then be distributed to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place getters in each of the grades. This will mean riders need to remain in the same grade for each of the three races. If you have a strong opinion on the matter – still plenty of time to talk to the committee about it.

For 2017, as advised post races, we are trialling a different method for allotting Eblens Series points.  For each grade per race, 5,3 & 1 Series points (ie not accumulated race points) will be allotted and 10 Series prizes will be awarded based on the accumulated Series points.  The aim is to be able to offer differing race distances for the grades to avoid discouraging the lower grades with too difficult a task and without disadvantaging those grades with fewer sprints (ie fewer opportunities to accumulate points). The other benefit will be that riders can move between grades if they have been over-advantaged or over-disadvantaged by their initial grading and still have opportunity to feature in the Series appropriate to their ability (ie not dominate a grade or be trailed off every week).  We will review how this has worked out afterwards.

Eblens Point Race Series FORMAT (pre 2017) For each race, 3, 2 & 1 points will be awarded to the first, second and third riders each lap. The first sprint will take place the second time past the finishing line. On the last lap, doublepoints will be awarded (6, 4 & 2). The winner of the race will be the rider with the most points for the day. In the event of a tie, placing on the last lap will determine final placings. Riders will remain in the same grade for the three races. Prizes of $60, $25, $15 will be awarded to the overall series place getters in each grade. Should there be a tie, the winner will be determined by the number of first, second, or third at the end of each race. Thanks to Eblens Subaru and particularly Kevin Dye for this sponsorship.

Where a handicap has been applied to F Grade, points for the final sprint have been awarded based on the handicap placings. Points for the intermediate sprints are awarded to placings over the line (no handicap applied).

Points Tally 2017 Final Tally 2017

Points Tally 2016 Final Tally 2016

Points Tally 2015 Final Tally 2015

Points Tally 2014 Final Tally 2014

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