Eblens Series


FOR  2018

For each of the Eblens races, 3, 2 & 1 points will be awarded to the first, second and third riders on each lap. The first sprint will take place the second time past the finishing line. On the last lap, double points will be awarded (6, 4 & 2).

The winner of the race will be the rider with the most points on that day. Prize money will be from Race nominations in line with standard club rules. In the event of a tie, placing on the last lap will determine final placings. All Grades will have the same number of sprints so if the lowest Grade has a shorter race the number of sprints in the higher Grades will be reduced to the same number whatever that may be. 

Accumulated points for each race will be totaled across the three events, and then tabulated for the club. Eblens Subaru sponsorship money will be awarded down to 10th place on the club table of accumulated series points.

Many thanks to EBLENS SUBARU for their ongoing sponsorship and support for this fantastic event. 

Points Tally 2018  Tally 2018

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