Next Race September 23rd AHMCC Transitions Drivewear Bradbury Kermesse

Another week of racing. Congratulations to Paul McGregor for taking out the handicap on Sunday 16th. Hope you all had a good race.

Did you wonder why the numbers were low? A rough head count had 18 of our members do the drive to Lorne Victoria to compete in the Amy Gran Fondo. An amazing result for our members this year, with about 80% of our group gaining World Championship Qualifying medals. A good measure of the standard of riding we have at the club when we measure up like that against about 2000 of the most competitive riders across the country. Of major note, Dave Dobson came 12th outright on the day and 4th in his age category. Bill Robinson also a very notable result of 4th in his age category. And then came Eddy Collins. One of the club’s most consistent and long running members came home with a very well deserved 3rd placing in his age category. Congratulations Eddy !!


Sunday 23 September is the final event in the AHMCC TRANSITIONS DRIVEWARE 3-RACE SERIES

Graded scratch race

Registration desk opens at 8am

Racing starts at 9am

Details are on the AHMCC club web site: Register via the AHMCC site.

Come along and support our friends at AHMCC!

Questions: Sarah 0409 910 079