Next Race 2nd September Father’s Day GSR

Numbers were low for Sunday’s ITT, and there were rumours that there are riders that don’t like Time Trialling. Can you believe that ??  For the 25 of us that did get out there, it was a blast. Excellent conditions for a ride. First or last (that was me), it was a great ride.

Next week is the Father’s Day GSR on course 34. Only doing 4 laps so that we pack up and get home well before lunch. Adelaide Hills are joining us, so come along and have some fun. Nominations on this site by Wednesday night.

Was also good to welcome Robert Freak at the club room this Sunday. Past club president, he currently is the SAMCA Vice President and chair of the CAMS organising committee for 2019. Stay tuned for another amazing CAMS event January 2019.