Minimum age for both men and women is 30.

Some great news!

As of 17th May 2019 the minimum age to join SDVLCC is now 30 for both males and females (was 35 for males and 30 for females).

If interested, come down to the club at McLaren Flat on a Sunday and make some enquiries, or contact any of the committee personally. Remember you are entitled to two club events for FREE as a “COME & TRY”. To join, click on the “JOIN” tab at the top of this website. When requested, select SDVLCC as the club to be in. Membership for the remainder of the year (till Oct 1st) is $111. After Oct 1st, it goes back to the full fee of $140 but you will end up with 15mths membership for the price of 12.

You just need to be turning 30 some time this year, so even someone who is 29 now, but will be 30 before 31 December, can join.