Membership fee for remainder of the year.

Update on Membership fees. The 15 month option that we’d enjoyed for many years has been removed. It was a technical issue that created the problem – the AVCC insurance premium was not set till end of Dec, hence to offer the 15 month membership, AVCC had to make an assumption on the premium, and if they made a mistake (as happened in the previous two years), then the organisation was heavily out of pocket.
But in its place, they are now offering a $55 membership from Oct 1st thru to end of Dec. ie three months of racing for $55. You would then need to sign up for 2020 at the full year price.
This is available to everyone, and pretty hard to beat. Pass on to anyone you know who might be interested. Simply select JOIN (on the top banner) and follow the instructions to join up for Southern Districts V&LCC. See you soon.