Club Race – first for 2019 – Two Stage GSR & TT

First race of the year Jan 6th. Good opportunity to work off the Christmas Pudding.
It’s a 2 Stage Race on Course 4 (Kangarilla and Moritz).

Placings are based on accumulated time. Two laps of course 4 as a graded scratch race with bonus seconds of 30, 20, 10 for first, second and third. You then add your time for one lap of the course doing an individual time trial. Winner is the one with the shortest time.

Must use the one bike for both events, and no TT bikes or aero bars allowed. Great opportunity to see how much damage all that Christmas cheer did to your legs !!!

If you’re game, try out our new Paypal prepayment system to avoid scrounging around on Sunday morning to find $15. No problems if not, because we’ll still be taking cash on the day as always.