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Sunday 14th October Course 20

Well done to everyone at the State Road Race championships held  last Sunday 7th Oct.

Congratulations to our club members who picked up State Championship medals on the day: Louise Beazley, Tanya Noble, Kevin Phillips, Kerry Smart, Frank Schoen, Nick Steel, Graham King, and Matthew Brumfitt. Conditions for racing were excellent, and the course was challenging.

This Sunday, we are back to using a course we haven’t seen for a couple of years. Ride up Wickham’s Hill at a pace that leaves you with enough energy for two laps of the Range Rd circuit. This is a great circuit to set the legs up for some good riding in the months ahead.

Nominations on the club site.

State Road Race Championships – Gumeracha

We’ve had the Club Championships this Sunday, and once again, congratulations to all the winners, and to everyone that had a go. Special thanks goes out to all the spectacular volunteers on the day and the great support they gave having to contend with the last minute change of course. A great effort by all saw the mornings racing proceed smoothly and safely.

This week, October 7th, is the State Road Race Championship. Hosted by Adelaide Hills club, and being held at Gumeracha on a course not seen for some years. Believe me, its a beauty. No nasty climbs, but enough short sharp rises to ensure everyone is tested. All nominations via the new SAMCA website. If you have any problems working out what to do, give our Webmaster a call/email and he’ll sort you out. To nominate, you will need your AVCC membership number.

Good luck everyone, and safe riding through the week.

Club Championships Sunday 30th Sept – Course Change to 7A

We have just been made aware that McLaren Vale is hosting “A Spring Affair” wine festival tomorrow, which includes a function at Serafino Winery at 10.30am. Traffic restrictions will be in place. As a result, the Race Day committee have decided to use course 7A tomorrow. The above, plus the untidy road works in McLaren Flat were just making life too difficult to continue with the old course. All hands on deck at the moment to redo Start Sheets and Marshal lists. Apologies for the late minute change – we really believe this is in all of our best interests for running a smooth and safe event.

Course map details are on the Website Course 7A. Varying distances are achieved by varying the number of laps of Sands Rd.

Membership fee structure.

We are not a big business, but our club does need money to run. Our two biggest sources of income are from membership and race nomination fees.

Racing membership fees have remained static for a few years but will increase by $20 in 2019. All of that extra will go to AVCC, largely to cover increased insurance costs. Both SAMCA and our Club fees will remain unchanged. A full racing membership will cost $140 and those opting to pay the non-marshalling levy will pay $220.

At the start of the year we raised our race nomination fee from $10 to $15 to match the other two clubs. Prior to that we ran quite a few events at a financial loss. The extra $5 allowed us to cover our ever increasing running costs and to maintain a buffer to cover unexpected costs. We have no immediate plans to increase race noms but we will continue to review our expenditure.

The Committee is confident that Southern Vets remains the best value Veterans Club in SA. We host races most weekends of the year and offer a variety of mid-week training rides. Our success is largely due to our volunteers, many of whom put in hours each week to keep our club running and to ensure we have safe, challenging, and interesting events.

If you have any questions or ideas about our fee structure or finances, please speak to Club Treasurer Richard Tormet, or any of our Committee.

SAMCA Vice President Robert Freak is buying the coffees.

Robert Freak invites you to join him for a coffee & muffin on Thurs 11th Oct at Crema Jetty Rd Glenelg between 10 & 11 am.

It is now about 4 years since my accident when on a Thursday morning Southern Vets training ride, my mates brought me back by doing CPR on me.  I’m really thankful to them.

It doesn’t matter how you get there or if you know me – I’d love to catch up & get to know you over a coffee.

Looking forward to seeing you then.  Robert

Summer Time Trial Training Sessions

October 11th. Lock it in.

Every Thursday night, 6.00pm, at MFRG.

The Summer Time Trial training sessions will be on again this year. It’s that time of the year where the competition on the bike is with you alone.

Thanks to Geoff Hillman and his loyal team, we will be running the series again through the day light saving period. Road Works might cause some rethinking of course selection, but nothing will change the fact, there simply is no better way to improve your riding than getting out there each week to search for that elusive second of improvement.

No nominations required. Simply turn up. $5 entry goes towards the end of season function.

All welcome.

Club Road Race Championship 30th September – Course 41

Well done to all those who either rode in the Crits or with Adelaide Hills at Bradbury. Couple of notables from Bradbury – congratulations to Richard Tormet, Bill Robinson, and Peter Grivell for not only doing well on Sunday, but also being prize winners in the overall three race series.

Next week is the Club Championships. We have a change in the route selected for this race. As background, Onkaparinga are commencing extensive road works in the area. The one affecting us is the Bridge widening on Blewitt Springs Road. This will close the road for close to one month, and for an additional three months be impacted by closed lanes and dirt surface. This will affect a number of events.

For our Club Road Race Championship, we are going to try Course 41. This course allows us to provide a variety of race distances for all the age groupings. Promises to be a great race, so don’t hesitate and sign up now. As we need to organise medals for the day, we are going to have to stick to a rigid cut off for nominations of Wednesday night. Don’t miss out !

Adelaide Hills are joining us on the day. While you will be riding with AHMCC riders in your age category, remember that Club medals are just that, you are only competing against riders in our club. But this does allow you to size up the competition prior to the State Championships the following week.

Next Race September 23rd AHMCC Transitions Drivewear Bradbury Kermesse

Another week of racing. Congratulations to Paul McGregor for taking out the handicap on Sunday 16th. Hope you all had a good race.

Did you wonder why the numbers were low? A rough head count had 18 of our members do the drive to Lorne Victoria to compete in the Amy Gran Fondo. An amazing result for our members this year, with about 80% of our group gaining World Championship Qualifying medals. A good measure of the standard of riding we have at the club when we measure up like that against about 2000 of the most competitive riders across the country. Of major note, Dave Dobson came 12th outright on the day and 4th in his age category. Bill Robinson also a very notable result of 4th in his age category. And then came Eddy Collins. One of the club’s most consistent and long running members came home with a very well deserved 3rd placing in his age category. Congratulations Eddy !!


Sunday 23 September is the final event in the AHMCC TRANSITIONS DRIVEWARE 3-RACE SERIES

Graded scratch race

Registration desk opens at 8am

Racing starts at 9am

Details are on the AHMCC club web site: Register via the AHMCC site.

Come along and support our friends at AHMCC!

Questions: Sarah 0409 910 079

Next Race 16th September Club Handicap Course 4

Clear skies greeted the riders this Sunday for a good ride around McLaren Vale last Sunday. Congratulations to the winners and to everyone for a good ride, and a huge thankyou again to all the great volunteers who allow these events to take place.

Next Sunday is a Club Handicap on Course 4 on the 16th September. Significant road works are being planned in the area commencing this week, and as we identify exactly what this will mean for our events, keep posted via the website and Facebook regarding the high likelihood of course changes.

For Sunday 16th, we will be on Course 4. Our first major course change will be on September 30th for the Combined Club Road Race Championships. We are planning to use Course 41 for this event.

Safe riding everyone.


Next Race 2nd September Father’s Day GSR

Numbers were low for Sunday’s ITT, and there were rumours that there are riders that don’t like Time Trialling. Can you believe that ??  For the 25 of us that did get out there, it was a blast. Excellent conditions for a ride. First or last (that was me), it was a great ride.

Next week is the Father’s Day GSR on course 34. Only doing 4 laps so that we pack up and get home well before lunch. Adelaide Hills are joining us, so come along and have some fun. Nominations on this site by Wednesday night.

Was also good to welcome Robert Freak at the club room this Sunday. Past club president, he currently is the SAMCA Vice President and chair of the CAMS organising committee for 2019. Stay tuned for another amazing CAMS event January 2019.