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Next Club Race – Will have to wait and see !!

The COVID-19 topic is certainly front of mind and likely to be so for quite some time. In talking to people about what our club (SVCC) should be doing, I have come across varied reactions. As with many decisions, we are not going to please everyone. My view is that we need to stop our racing events as of now, continuing to monitor the situation in order to identify a suitable time to resume.

I am not happy to continue as is, and wait until we are made to stop. I believe we need to be responsible in the current environment. We know the risk is low, but a risk clearly exists. We are a non-essential activity, catering for a demographic that is at risk with this virus outbreak. The consequences of stopping our events has no materially negative impact.

We will continue to monitor and notify via social media when it looks like we are able to resume with greater confidence. But for now, we can say with certainty that we will not be conducting any events at SVCC till the end of April.

Our club committee wishes everyone the best during these trying times, and looks forward to resuming our regular activities as soon as possible.

Safe riding everyone. 

Friendly – Competitive – But Above All Else – Safe

We want to be a club in every sense of the word. Welcoming and friendly, with a touch of competition to push each other for that satisfaction that can’t be achieved on a Saturday bunch ride. But above all, we are starting to show as a club that we can do this and stay safe. We respect every rider who while trying their best, places the safety and wellbeing of others and themselves above that of having to come first.