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Transponder replacement

The transponders issued over 5 years ago are nearing their end of life where the non-replaceable internal battery dies. The club will gradually replace transponders as they fail at a cost of $77 to the member and these should last another 5 years. If your old transponder is not detected in a race finish (as indicated in the published results), please return it to the club for checking, it may be due for replacement.

The transponders are somewhat sensitive to their placement on the bike. In particular, covering the outside with the velcro fastening strap may affect the functioning. A rule of thumb is to try to maintain a clear line-of-sight between the outside surface of the transponder and the detecting hardware at the finish line.

Example of correct method of attachment:-Slide 1

Club Facebook Group

The club website does not cater for a  forum where members can ask questions or engage in dialogue with each other. For this purpose, Pat O’Kane has set up a club Facebook group. To view the club Facebook page simply use the link provided on the website but you will need to first register on Facebook  (its simple and free, just click on the  link and follow instructions). To join the group you need to be a club member and send a request to Pat via the page. Some recent interesting posts on the page include a video of Wednesday night’s crit shot by Georg Thierry and an invite from Stafford Scott to join him in the Tour of New Zealand.