Monthly Archives: March 2018

Club Handicap Course 7B

Back to McLaren Flat this week for a solid workout on course 7B. Well done to all those who competed in the Open last week.

After our race on Sunday, we’ve got a 30 minute training session which teaches “compressions only” CPR and includes Automated External Defibrillator (AED) familiarisation and activation.  The rationale supporting this vital program evolves from the disappointing statistics which indicate that a person who experiences a sudden “out of hospital” cardiac arrest, has about 21% chance of survivability, in Australia.  In other locations around the world, survivability is up to 73%.  We know that “bystander CPR and AED activation” has a direct and proven benefit in cases of sudden “out of hospital” cardiac arrest and is clearly making a difference to survivability in other locations around the world. David Glasspool from SA Ambulance Service will deliver the training. Hope you have the time to stay back just that little bit longer this week.

And then the week after, on May 6th, it’s the Bike Station Milang Open GSR. Another classic race, and promising to be a great day on the bike. See Flyer for information. More details shortly.