Monthly Archives: March 2018

Next Race – August 26th, Individual Time Trial

This Sunday we are running our next 33km Individual Time Trial event.  Really keen to see as many out as possible, so that we can gauge whether or not to have a few more on next year’s calendar. Let us know what you think of the format. For that matter, start to get your thinking caps on and come forward with any suggestions you might have to pass on to our calendar committee who will be getting together in a month to start laying out the 2019 calendar.

To try to make the scoring system fairer, we are going to give a grading system a go this time.
We will sort riders into Grades and then handicap each grade.
Your Handicap time will be taken off your finish time.
The more entries we have, the more grades we can have and the more can be placed. Nominate on the website by Wednesday night.

PS – time trial equipment is allowed, but as the race is graded and handicapped, you should have just as much a chance on your normal road bike.