Monthly Archives: January 2018

Upcoming Races

The ADXDepot Tour of Goolwa is on this weekend. Safe riding and good luck to everyone competing.

Our next Club race is on March 4th and is the final of the Eblens Series. Couple of things to remember – Eblens are putting on a bbq after the race during the presentation, so make sure you stay back to enjoy. Eblens are providing sponsorship money for the Series winners from 1st to 10th.

Committee want to also acknowledge B Grade for their decision to finish their event last Sunday following the touch of wheels and four riders hitting the road. Great demonstration of looking after your fellow riders taking precedence of the chance for extra points. For B Grade only on March 4th, we will be awarding double points on a number of laps so as to even up the total tally that could be earnt. Will finalise details next week.

Extreme Heat 28 January – RACE CANCELLED

SDVLCC Club handicap 28th Jan CANCELLED

As indicated by David’s post a few days back, the club race day committee has referred to the Club’s Extreme Weather Policy and based on the forecast temperature for Sunday morning, we are not left with any option but to cancel the race on Sunday. Apologies if this causes any issue for members, but we have policies for a reason, and in this instance, there is no wiggle room.

The opportunity is now there to get an extra week of training in before the State and Club Criterium Championships at Victoria Park on Sunday 4th Feb. Nominations are via the SAMCA website, and payment is made on the day at registration

Feedback from KOM Race #1 21st Jan

Can we get all members to please place their racing numbers as low as possible on their jerseys, and to the left. Our finishing marshals are missing a lot of numbers on the finish line because numbers are too high on the back, and simply can’t be read from the ground. This is really going to be an issue with the upcoming Eblens series.

Race Referee was pleased with rider behaviour on the road. Did though take up with a couple of riders who moved off their line in the finish sprint. Very pertinent point to make given our current TDU demonstrating some of the world’s best sprinters in action elbowing their way through a pack. Our racing is such a huge gap from these amazing riders. Let’s all keep in mind that we are out for a friendly competitive ride, and with above all else – a SAFE ride. Sprints are probably the riskiest points in a race. No matter where you are in the bunch, keep your line, think of those around you. If you are boxed in, then leave the win for another week.