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Southern Vets Community Donation

A couple of years ago, Committeeman Stafford Scott suggested that the Club should consider making a significant donation annually to a local community organisation. The idea was accepted enthusiastically by the Committee, with the donation to be funded by a small capitation on each entrant for events based out of Club headquarters.

In 2014, McLaren Flat Primary School received $1000 towards a project promoting numeracy learning through outdoor activities.

For the 2015 year, the Southern Vets Committee decided to target the local Country Fire Service. After consultation with the McLaren Flat Brigade and subsequent to a couple of scheduling difficulties, donations of $500 each to the McLaren Flat and Blewitt Springs Brigades were made on 29 May after the race.  Due to the large size of the two brigade units, the presentation was made in the carpark out the back of the primary school.  Club photographer Greg Adams has taken the excellent photo below.

Well done all members!

SDVLCC donation to CFS-1190954

Membership Renewals for 2017

Don’t leave it to the last minute. Membership renewals can be made anytime from now for the 2017 year.  Remember that your current licence will expire on 31st December. You will find it easier if you use your login and password details from last year. If you can’t find them, contact Richard Tormet for help.

For new members – AVCC have a membership offer to new members of 15 months for the price of 12, allowing people to join up in October of one year, and be covered through the following year. This has been pretty handy for people wanting to join the Criterium series which starts in October.

We learnt painfully last year that this entitlement only extends to first time new members. If someone has let their licence lapse for a year or so and decides to rejoin on 1 October for the Criterium season, the system will recognise them as a lapsed member, take their full year’s payment and apply it only to the current year, ie they’ll only get 3 months membership – be wary!

Note also that all members who have not paid the additional no-marshalling fee need to take their place on the regular marshal/trail car roster.  We offer SAPol marshal training through the year and your turn only comes up a couple of times a year – we need you!

State Time Trial Championships

State TT Championships were raced 22 May in great spirit and punishing winds. Well done to everyone staying upright and safe, it was not easy in those gusty conditions. Thanks again to all the Referees and volunteers who helped make it a great day. Greg Adams was on the road today and took some great photos. You can see them at the dropbox link below. Email Greg at:  if you’d like a print. See if you can find a photo of anyone smiling !