Monthly Archives: April 2016

Mother’s Day May 8th

AHMCC are running an event this coming Sunday (Mother’s Day) around their Flaxley course. All Southern Vets members are entitled, encouraged and welcomed to nominate for this event as we will not be holding a club event on Sunday.

This is part of an agreement the clubs have, that if a club at any time decides not to hold an event, their members are welcome to nominate with another club even though it is not an Invitation or Open event, and regardless if they are Associate members of that club or not.

This is a great little course if you’ve never ridden it, nice little downhill run, and a solid climb up Stamps Rd. Hope to see you there. Nominate through the AHMCC website.

Disc Brakes

Someone commented the other day about the impact to Vets racing of the UCI pulling back on the use of disc brakes in their events following a crash in the Paris-Roubaix.

This matter is pretty clear at the moment. We race under the AVCC racing rules, and these rules explicitly ban the use of disc brakes in racing. So if you are looking to upgrade your machine at any time, and considering disc brakes, you won’t be able to use it in any AVCC sanctioned event.

My guess is this rule will not be revisited until such a time as the UCI permit their unfettered use. Your guess is as good as mine as to how long this may take.

Lou Miranda Estate Classic

The Lou Miranda Estate Classic Road Race was held 1 May in blustery winds but with no rain. Thanks again to Lou Miranda and his team for sponsoring a spectacular event. Having seen their cellar door now, it will certainly be a stop for any future visits to the Barossa. We hope this can continue to be one of the premier events on the yearly race calendar. Thanks also to all the organisers, referees, marshals and officials, who under trying conditions, managed to pull off an incident free and toughly contested event. And lastly, thanks to all the participants who ensured no one had a free ride!