Monthly Archives: August 2015

New Club Kit Is Here!

Several members have been spotted wearing the new club kit. It certainly is bright, so wear it for increased safety both in races and training. High quality kit at exceptionally low price.

A limited number of sizes will be available for purchase at the clubrooms, and Geoff Bate will be taking orders for other sizes.

Yellow jersey version Yellow bib short

Note from our Safety Department

At today’s race (17th April), we were reported to the Police by an unhappy motorist. Their particular complaint was about cyclists on the wrong side of the road, and in general about riding more than two abreast and taking up too much of the road. This is another healthy reminder to us all that we all need to be responsible for our actions on the road, and that we need to obey the road rules at all times.

To ensure we don’t interfere unduly with other road traffic during a race, we should always make our best effort to accommodate passing cars and show them we understand we are sharing the road.

One of the greatest hazards to us in bunch racing is the presence of oncoming cars, especially in sprint finishes; we must be especially alert and cautious at this time and always announce loudly an oncoming car, and never take undue risks when riding close to other riders.
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