Monthly Archives: June 2014

Arrival Time for Racing

You are advised that you need to arrive on race day 20 minutes before the commencement of racing. This is NOT 20 minutes before your start, but before first rider away! This will allow the Race Secretary to get ready for his own race. If you are going to be late, you will need to ring the Club phone 0456 855 913 and advise (number only available race days)


If you need to scratch a race entry, please advise the Handicapper before he draws up the Startlist. The close-off is Thursday 9pm. This will make life easier for the Handicapper, Points Steward and Treasurer, and the marks will be fairer for the riders who race. If you are a late scratching, you will be expected to pay your race fee.

Helmet Advice from Norman Hoy

A person is not wearing a helmet if it does not have a sticker/mark inside the helmet showing the batch and the AS/NZ standard (pre 2009 was just AS 2063, but since 2010 is now AS/NZS 2063:2088) and is fastened as per manufacturer’s instructions. The helmet must have safety stickers detailing construction as well as use.
What is also most important is that no modifications can be made to the helmet without the approval of the manufacturer – this might include wearing a camera fitted to the helmet for example. Helmet compliance

Marshalling Responsibility

Racing does not happen unless there are Safety Marshals along with other very important officials. Members sign that they will marshal as a condition of joining and the Club needs ALL members to be accredited marshals so the load falls across as many shoulders as possible. If you pay the non-marshalling fee, Committee believes you need to do the training even so! There will be more training sessions in the very-near future. Watch this space.