This Week’s Race

24 August 0900, McLaren Flat.  Club GSRs Ron Williams KoM Rd 4 Course 41


Race Coordinator & Referee: Terry Proctor;      First Aid: Celine Randabel

Prizes as previous rounds of Series.  Overall Series winners will receive a Ron Williams trophy after the final round on 14 December.

SDVLCC remembers Ron Williams who loved the climbs.

Father’s Day race cancelled

Our scheduled handicap race for Father’s Day has been cancelled.  Options for the day are three:  1. Stay in bed and be pampered by family  2. Go for a social ride – details of a Club ride will be announced later  3. Enter Willunga175′s Hit the Hill ride – an opportunity for promotion of Club presence in Southern Vales community!

Fundraiser for Tandems

The Tandem Project provides support for vision impaired road cycling in Australia and has provided over $48000 over the past two years in equipment purchases, repairs and athlete financial support. Its major fundraiser for the year will be held on 18th September – a fantastic night at the Mercedes-Benz dealership, Mile End, coinciding with the release of the new Mercedes-Benz C Class.  Further information is contained in the flyer.

Joining SAMCA

Club Committee members are ex-officio members of SAMCA, but any registered rider can join by completing an application form (hardcopy) and paying a nominal $1.  If you are interested in having a direct voice at SAMCA general meetings, please advise your Club Secretary David Milne or SAMCA Secretary Barry Taylor.

Racing issues

7 August Update A local horse-rider has complained to the Club re riders not slowing and giving him a wide berth at the recent Sunday 3 August race.  Even if it were not a basic safety issue for the horse and rider as well as for the bike riders, it is a matter of courtesy at the very least!  The rider has advised that he will be informing SAPol which is something we as a Club could do without.  Please give consideration to other road users at all times.

Members are reminded that we are subject to the usual road rules while we compete and that we share the road with other traffic.  We are vulnerable!  Riders need to be safely close to the left side of the road and a maximum 2 abreast.
We need to remain on the left of any single centrelines unless in the act of overtaking; once the act of overtaking is complete, we must move back to the left side of the road safely and promptly.  Cornering does not count as overtaking!                                                                        Solid double centrelines indicate that we must not cross AT ALL for reasons of safety.

Members are recommended to carry their own pump and spare tube/patches or tubular tyre while racing.  Be prepared, as you may not necessarily be picked up!

SDVLCC receives grant from City of Onkaparinga

The Committee is pleased to announce that the Club has received a substantial grant towards the cost of an Automatic External Defibrillator from the City of Onkaparinga.  After the efforts of Treasurer Jeff Geisler with the application, President Bob Seymour and Secretary David Milne attended a Presentation Ceremony on 24 July when the cheque was presented by Mayor Lorraine Rosenberg.

The defibrillator has been ordered and will be a regular part of our First Aid Kit.  While we have certificated First Aiders rostered every week, the apparatus is essentially self-explaining once turned on and will be operable by anyone with minimal instruction.  We have been fortunate not to need a defibrillator prior to this and hope that we will never need to use it now!

Thanks Onkaparinga Council for your support.