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Who Are Southern Vets?

Cycling keeps you fit and healthy in body and mind. Southern Vets gives riders over 30 years of age the opportunity to compete in road cycling against their peers over a number of courses out of McLaren Flat in the wonderful Southern Vales. Our riders average less than 20km/h to more than 40km/h, so there’s a place for everyone! We are a great bunch of people who invite you to join, make new friends, and share what we enjoy!

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See more (click arrow below) Special thanks to members Greg Adams (Imagestix) and Richard Miller

Next Race – Club Handicap Course 4 Sept 15th

Congratulations to everyone who had a go at the Club RR Championships last Sunday. Conditions were not ideal, but everyone made it back – maybe a bit wet and cold, but safely. 

Congratulations to all the medal winners as well. 

This week its a club handicap event around course 4. Nominations through this website. 

Safe riding everyone.

On Line Pre Payment of Race Nominations

Here we are at the start of a new financial year, and we are going to have a red hot go at eliminating the option of cash payments for race fees on the day of the event. From now, when you go onto our website to register for a race, you will be asked to pay via PayPal or credit card. If you don’t make a payment on line, then your race nomination will not be finalised.


This is not about a cost saving or greater efficiency. Every race we run requires a swag of volunteers to make it happen. This little project is being undertaken to provide one of our volunteers the opportunity to participate in a ride themselves. That’s why we are asking members to support this so as to give one of our members an unencumbered ride.

What we don’t want to do is turn anyone away because the process is too hard. If you have any problem with the payment side of things, give anyone on the committee a ring. One way or the other we will make it happen for you.

Race Nominations – Did you know

When you nominate for an event, a couple of things happen. The prize money allocated for the day is calculated based on the number of nominations, also, the handicapper works hard at evening out the grades, aiming to give everyone a fair chance. 

If you fail to arrive on the day, it does impact on the days racing. If you have nominated for an event, and it transpires that you will be unable to compete due to unforeseen circumstances, the club would greatly appreciate as much notice as possible. If a rider simply fails to turn up on the day without notice, their nomination fee for that event is still payable and it is expected that they will make the payment at their earliest convenience. 

All three SAMCA clubs operate with the same rules. If a rider from another club nominates for an event, and fails to arrive, the host club will seek the nomination fee from the rider’s home club, with the expectation that the home club will be able to catch up with the rider quicker than the host club. 

So remember, when you nominate for a race, you are making a commitment to that club that you will pay. If you sleep in on the day and don’t make it, you still owe the nomination fee !

Unclaimed Prize Money – Did you know:

There is an expectation that if you place in an event, you will be at the presentation to receive any prize money. Occasionally people do need to leave early, and then the club is left with the task of setting aside and keeping track of unclaimed prize monies.

Currently, we have a procedure that at the end of the year, all unclaimed prizes are returned to General Revenue. We are considering reducing this due to the hassles involved in carrying around and holding unclaimed prizes. 

If you do need to leave early, there is no harm in asking someone you know to pick up your prize money (so long as you trust them). 

New Road Signage and Safety Equipment

We used our new signage and safety equipment for the first time on Sunday 26th May. This equipment is all a part of ensuring we are not only compliant, but that we provide Safe events on our roads, for both ourselves and other traffic users. We want to express our gratitude to the City of Onkaparinga for the grant they passed on to us last year which has enabled this purchase at a value of almost $3000.

Minimum age for both men and women is 30.

Some great news!

As of 17th May 2019 the minimum age to join SDVLCC is now 30 for both males and females (was 35 for males and 30 for females).

If interested, come down to the club at McLaren Flat on a Sunday and make some enquiries, or contact any of the committee personally. Remember you are entitled to two club events for FREE as a “COME & TRY”. To join, click on the “JOIN” tab at the top of this website. When requested, select SDVLCC as the club to be in. Membership for the remainder of the year (till Oct 1st) is $111. After Oct 1st, it goes back to the full fee of $140 but you will end up with 15mths membership for the price of 12.

You just need to be turning 30 some time this year, so even someone who is 29 now, but will be 30 before 31 December, can join.

Race Calendar date change for the State Road Race Championships later this year – now 13th Oct

Adelaide Hills have confirmed a change in date for the State Road Race. It was initially scheduled for the 29th September, but there was a clash with the CSA Super Series. The date has now been changed to the 13th October. Also the Toyota Classic (which was on 20th October) will now be run on 27th October. We have updated the one page file on the website under calendar, and will update the event details shortly.

A Change to our Membership Fee structure.

A change introduced this year is the introduction of a reduced membership fee for both new and old members of $111 when signing up to the club from May 1st. This has been achieved by both SAMCA and the Club waiving their club component of the fee. If you were thinking of joining – NOW IS THE TIME !!!! Just head to the link at the top “JOIN”. Any questions – give me a ring – ph number on the website
In summary, at the moment full year membership is $140. If joining between May 1st and Sept 30th it will be $111. If joining from Oct 1st 2019, it will again move to $140 – but you get 15 months membership for the price of 12 months. All of these options include the current 24 / 7 riders insurance.

Marshal Roster for 2019

Thanks to all those who stayed back for the Marshal training session last Sunday Feb 10th. We will plan to run a few more through the year.

This is excellent training, with loads of very helpful tips from Greg Jackson.

Remember the club has an expectation that all members will give up two races per year to assist with marshalling duties. Our aim is to minimise this, and we’ll try where possible to keep the marshal duties to once per year, but the reality is we don’t have enough members. Given we need on average three marshals per event, that’s close to needing 100 people. The numbers don’t work out, so some of you might be asked to marshal twice.

The marshal roster can be found under the INFORMATION tab. Have a look, and if you see an issue with where you’ve been rostered, get back to me.


Club Community Donation to Kangarilla Primary School 21st August

We have for some years now, been setting aside a 50 cents contribution from every race nomination and putting this towards a community project that we value as important. Previous donations have gone to CFS branches, and to our local McLaren Flat Primary school. This year, the club Committee made a decision to make a $1000 donation to Kangarilla Primary School. The presentation was today. We had myself, Richard Tormet, David Milne, Don MacDougall and Andrew Thomas along to do the handover. It is always a spectacular opportunity to let the local families know who we are and what we do, along with spreading a message of being safe on the road. If you get a 7 year old giving you a cheer on the road next week – you never know they could be from Kangarilla Primary!

Kangarilla Primary were thrilled with the donation, and will be purchasing cameras for the classes. Well done Southern Vets.