This Week’s Race

3 August 0900, McLaren Flat.  Physio Alive McLaren Vale Club Handicap Combine Course 1

Race Coordinator and Referee: Geoff Hillman; First Aider: David Chaplin

list of starters Please check that you are listed!

Southern Vets is delighted to welcome Physio Alive McLaren Vale as the sponsor for this first of two Club Handicap races. The second date will be 7 December.  Flyer  Thanks to our member Jamie Cranage and his wife Brea who is one of the principals of Physio Alive.  Welcome!

Physio Alive      2 Field St McLaren Vale        Phone 8323 8058

Next Week’s Race

10 August 0930, Mt Torrens.  AHVCC Burford Hill Open GSRs, AHVCC Course 18


The flyer has been up-dated.  Please note that SDVLCC Handicapper Geoff Hillman will take nominations up to 9.00pm Monday 4th August and subsequent to that time riders who wish to nominate need to contact AHVCC Handicapper within the usual schedule.  Alternately use the link on the flyer for SAMCA Handicapper

One way or another, you’ll get there!

Father’s Day race cancelled

Our scheduled handicap race for Father’s Day has been cancelled.  Options for the day are three:  1. Stay in bed and be pampered by family  2. Go for a social ride – details of a Club ride will be announced later  3. Enter Willunga175′s Hit the Hill ride – an opportunity for promotion of Club presence in Southern Vales community!

SDVLCC receives grant from City of Onkaparinga

The Committee is pleased to announce that the Club has received a substantial grant towards the cost of an Automatic External Defibrillator from the City of Onkaparinga.  After the efforts of Treasurer Jeff Geisler with the application, President Bob Seymour and Secretary David Milne attended a Presentation Ceremony on 24 July when the cheque was presented by Mayor Lorraine Rosenberg.

The defibrillator has been ordered and will be a regular part of our First Aid Kit.  While we have certificated First Aiders rostered every week, the apparatus is essentially self-explaining once turned on and will be operable by anyone with minimal instruction.  We have been fortunate not to need a defibrillator prior to this and hope that we will never need to use it now!

Thanks Onkaparinga Council for your support.

AVCC name change – update

Further to the earlier post (lower on this page), your Club is seeking more member input re the AVCC name change proposal.  There have been limited responses up ’till now and the Secretary needs to send off a representative response in the near future.  Please advise asap if you have an opinion and have not already indicated what it is!

Potential name change for AVCC

Please consider the following information from AVCC then contact David Milne or on Sundays in the next few weeks if you have strong opinions on the issue.

It has been proposed that the name of the Australian Veteran Cycling Association should be changed to either Australian Masters Cycling, or Masters Cycling Australia. Points for and against:

The name tends to put potential members off joining the body; Sponsorship opportunities would increase if we changed the name; People tend to confuse the word veterans with returned soldiers.

We have lived with the name for over 20 year, so why change now when we are recognised as the AVCC? Today we have close to 3,000 so that the argument that the name ‘Veterans’ puts potential members off appears to be an exaggeration. There are other cycling organisations that are called Masters or title their events as catering for Masters. For example, CA calls its national championships the Australian Masters Championships. If we adopt the name it will inevitably cause confusion. People at the moment don’t have any trouble differentiating between the two. There will be administrative costs involved in changing the constitution, bank statements, etc., which are time consuming and also expensive. But this would also apply to all clubs as well as the State Bodies, as the change of name will have to be applied in the constitutions of all AVCC affiliates. The argument that the name ‘veteran’ was preventing sponsors from supporting our body would appear to be a specious argument, as witnessed in some states.

The recent AVCC AGM agreed: ‘that clubs be asked (a) whether they wished to see the name Australian Veteran Cycling Council changed to either Australian Masters Cycling, or Masters Cycling Australia, or whether they wished to adopt an alternative title (b) If agreed there should be a name change, whether all clubs should abandon their current names so as to encompass the new name of the parent body.