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Who Are Southern Vets?

Cycling keeps you fit and healthy in body and mind. Southern Vets gives riders (women 30+, men 35+) the opportunity to compete in road cycling against their peers over a number of courses out of McLaren Flat in the wonderful Southern Vales. Our riders average less than 20km/h to more than 40km/h, so there’s a place for everyone! We are a great bunch of people who invite you to join, make new friends, and share what we enjoy!

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See more (click arrow below) Special thanks to members Greg Adams (Imagestix) and Richard Miller

Club Race – first for 2019 – Two Stage GSR & TT

First race of the year Jan 6th. Good opportunity to work off the Christmas Pudding.
It’s a 2 Stage Race on Course 4 (Kangarilla and Moritz).

Placings are based on accumulated time. Two laps of course 4 as a graded scratch race with bonus seconds of 30, 20, 10 for first, second and third. You then add your time for one lap of the course doing an individual time trial. Winner is the one with the shortest time.

Must use the one bike for both events, and no TT bikes or aero bars allowed. Great opportunity to see how much damage all that Christmas cheer did to your legs !!!

If you’re game, try out our new Paypal prepayment system to avoid scrounging around on Sunday morning to find $15. No problems if not, because we’ll still be taking cash on the day as always.

CAMS 2019

From CAMS Committee –

1.      Extension of closing date Sunday Jan 6th  

2.      Mainly graded races to give everyone a go – that means YOU. Good handicapping is everything so please register now – don’t leave it to the last minute

3.      Yes there’s every chance that you will get recognition in photos & random draws

4.      We look forward to giving you something at presentations

In short a real cycling festival & bonanza. All you have to do is go & register to be part of the biggest & best Vets/Masters cycling series in Australia

Robert Freak – Race Director


Sunday 16th December – Club Presentation Day

Big thanks to everyone for a great year. We have to acknowledge all our volunteers throughout the year, because without them, there would be no club. But often excluded, is the point that we exist to provide our members with a safe environment to have some fun on a bike and test themselves against like minded people. Southern Vets is a great club because it’s a spectacular community of great people. A big thankyou to all our members.

See more photos from the Trophy presentation in the Gallery section under “Information”. Congratulations to all the winners, some amazing efforts and dedication. There are so many factors involved in being a winner – number one is that you have to put yourself on the start line. So many people miss out because they’re not willing to have a go. Congratulations to Mark Long for the Club’s Best and Fairest – setting a high standard of excellence, sportsmanship and dedication (and not a bad rider to boot!).


Renewing our Membership for 2019

It’s time to renew your club membership. You can rejoin any time you like from now, but remember, as of Jan 1st, if you have not paid, you will have no insurance cover.

On our website, there is a page to JOIN. Follow the link on this page which directs you to the AVCC website. Special request from our Treasurer to ensure you only use your existing log in details. If you don’t know what they are, contact Richard Tormet or myself and we can get them for you. Select your payment option and then complete. Remember that your actual licence is sent to you via email immediately you’ve completed your payment. You will need to print the receipt out and then cut out the actual licence.

I’d encourage you to complete this task now so as to avoid the situation of missing out on any racing next year. The process is computer based, so there is no way I’m going to tell you “its easy”. Give it a go and yell out if you need help.

Race Calendar changes

Couple of quick changes to our Race Calendar for the remainder of the year.

The December 23rd hidden handicap event has been cancelled. A show of hands of the committee has agreed to give everyone a break a couple of days before Christmas. Well deserved !!!!  We are planning on a Social ride on the 23rd. Keep an eye on Facebook for details.

The Blewitt Springs Rd has reopened, but there is still some clean up work to be completed. At the moment, the plan is for the road works at the bridge, and on Main Rd McLaren Flat should be finished 31st December. Thanks everyone for your patience as we made those last minute course changes to manoeuvre around the activity.

2019 Classic Adelaide Masters Series – CAMS

Robert Freak, Vice President SAMCA & Race Director CAMS

Invites you to save up to $25 & go into a raffle to win 1 of 2 bottles of quality wine.
All you need to do is go to www.samc.org.au & register for the CAMS races before the end of the month. (Yes that’s 15 days). While you are there, take a look at News & Updates, at all the terrific sponsors we have on board.

It is these people & my work with direct contacts with the AVCC as their grant comes with the condition that we spend it on event organisation & prizes & we are accountable to them for every dollar.

Over the years the Treasurer & I have done this so well that we have received their praise & also gained an increase from $3 – $5,000 for 2019. Wonderful in this current climate. In addition I have single handedly added a further $3,500 in grants to make 2019 the biggest & best CAMS ever conducted for Masters/Vets in Australia.

You, the cyclist will be rewarded with great prize money, vouchers etc. as we intend to recognise well down in fields.

Enjoy all your CAMS committee has done for you


Robert Freak

Club AGM 11th November

Club AGM was held Sunday 11th November 2018. Thanks to all those who attended, and to everyone in the club for your contributions throughout the year.

Election process moved smoothly, with all positions on the committee being filled.

One motion moved to recognise the increase in membership fees from $120 to $140 per year. The increase is as a result of the AVCC having to increase their portion by $20 to cover their costs and increases in insurance levies. The SA and Club components of the membership fee have remained the same. Reminder to all to not renew your memberships for 2019 until the start of December.

Wish to welcome our new members onto the Club Committee, and once again thank everyone for your amazing support through the year. President’s report is attached, and the minutes of the AGM will be posted when available.

We’ve got another year filled with interesting racing which hopefully will see you challenged and rewarded.      Stay Upright  –  Stay Safe. 

Summer Time Trial Training Sessions

October 11th. Lock it in.

Every Thursday night, 6.00pm, at MFRG.

The Summer Time Trial training sessions will be on again this year. It’s that time of the year where the competition on the bike is with you alone.

Thanks to Geoff Hillman and his loyal team, we will be running the series again through the day light saving period. Road Works might cause some rethinking of course selection, but nothing will change the fact, there simply is no better way to improve your riding than getting out there each week to search for that elusive second of improvement.

No nominations required. Simply turn up. $5 entry goes towards the end of season function.

All welcome.

Membership fee structure.

We are not a big business, but our club does need money to run. Our two biggest sources of income are from membership and race nomination fees.

Racing membership fees have remained static for a few years but will increase by $20 in 2019. All of that extra will go to AVCC, largely to cover increased insurance costs. Both SAMCA and our Club fees will remain unchanged. A full racing membership will cost $140 and those opting to pay the non-marshalling levy will pay $220.

At the start of the year we raised our race nomination fee from $10 to $15 to match the other two clubs. Prior to that we ran quite a few events at a financial loss. The extra $5 allowed us to cover our ever increasing running costs and to maintain a buffer to cover unexpected costs. We have no immediate plans to increase race noms but we will continue to review our expenditure.

The Committee is confident that Southern Vets remains the best value Veterans Club in SA. We host races most weekends of the year and offer a variety of mid-week training rides. Our success is largely due to our volunteers, many of whom put in hours each week to keep our club running and to ensure we have safe, challenging, and interesting events.

If you have any questions or ideas about our fee structure or finances, please speak to Club Treasurer Richard Tormet, or any of our Committee.

SAMCA Vice President Robert Freak is buying the coffees.

Robert Freak invites you to join him for a coffee & muffin on Thurs 11th Oct at Crema Jetty Rd Glenelg between 10 & 11 am.

It is now about 4 years since my accident when on a Thursday morning Southern Vets training ride, my mates brought me back by doing CPR on me.  I’m really thankful to them.

It doesn’t matter how you get there or if you know me – I’d love to catch up & get to know you over a coffee.

Looking forward to seeing you then.  Robert