State Criterium Championship this Sunday 14th Feb

This Sunday is the State Criterium Championship at Regency Park (Naweena Rd).

For all those that competed last Sunday, congratulations on some great results. Conditions were perfect, and there was some good competition on the road.

To nominate for the State Championship, go to the SAMCA website. Nominate through the website. Payments are made on the day at registration.

As always, please try to nominate prior to Wednesday 9.00pm

Good luck and safe riding.


First Aid Club Phone Number

You would all know that we never race without a First Aid Official in attendance. But did you know that the club has a dedicated mobile phone for our First Aiders?

Handy tip is that you place a permanent phone contact in your mobile for SDVLCC First Aid, so that in the event of an incident, you can contact our First Aider quickly.

The phone number is:       0488 107 519

The Club is sponsoring another First Aid training program this year. As mentioned above, we don’t race without a First Aider in attendance, so if you think you’d like to help out, or if you need your accreditation updated (most tickets only last three years), let Frank Schoen know. Training is planned for the evenings of the 5th and 12th of April. Approx 4 hours per night. Will forward more details as they become available.


New Club Kit Is Here!

Several members have been spotted wearing the new club kit. It certainly is bright, so wear it for increased safety both in races and training. High quality kit at exceptionally low price.

A limited number of sizes will be available for purchase at the clubrooms, and Geoff Bate will be taking orders for other sizes.

Yellow jersey version Yellow bib short

Club Presentation Day Handicap race


Thankyou to everyone who contributed to making this Sunday’s Presentation Day Handicap a great day out on the bike. Would never have happened without all the volunteers, and a big rousing cheer for all of them. Conditions were not ideal, and roads slippery in patches, so we should also acknowledge the great riding by everyone concerned to ensure a safe but fiercely contested race.

Check out the gallery of photos under the Information banner for trophy winners. Congratulations to all our winners this year, very well deserved.

Enjoy the Christmas break, have a very Merry Christmas and a Safe New Year, and look forward to racing again commencing January 3rd.

Your committee.

InFuga Race 6 Dec – Hot and Short

Southern Vets’ Extreme Weather Policy was invoked for the InFuga event on 6 December, with the race becoming shortened GSRs and with advice issued to riders in the pre-race briefing about the hot conditions.  In addition, the finish line was moved due to incomplete roadworks on the final turn into the usual finish straight.  That all starting riders finished without incident indicates that the decisions  were appropriate.  Most grades were strung out due to the conditions and there were some red and sweaty faces back at HQ, however!

InFuga proprietor Rob Gaggini (Club member) and wife Maria took part in the presentations after the race – thanks Rob and Maria, thanks InFuga!  Members are recommended to support our sponsor.

Infuga Cycling Retreat provides cycling programs, coaching, training, cycling performance testing, an education series and accommodation.
For members of Southern Vets, Infuga offers 25 percent discount on accommodation packages and 10 percent discount on all other coaching services.

Infuga Cycling Retreat         1 Edmund Street         Normanville, SA 5204

Mobile: 0400 060 733                              Website:   Infuga

AvantiPlus Twin Peaks Race a Success

Thanks to the hard work of Race Coordinator Bob Seymour and a long list of helpers, the AvantiPlus Twin Peaks has been a great success with nearly a hundred entries on a very pleasant day.

We thank Committee Member Stafford Scott for coordinating with AvantiPlus Woodville, Unley, Semaphore to provide, in conjunction with the Club, over $1500 retail value of product.  The Club further topped the pool up with cash.

Thanks also to Bob Seymour and Greg Adams for coordinating with Chapel Hill McLaren Vale Wines to provide wine for the Willunga Hill KoM prizes.

AvantiPlus Proprietor Andy Murnane offers a 20% discount on parts (excluding sale items) and service when you mention Southern Vets at any of the three convenient AvantiPlus stores located at Woodville (8268 6404), Unley (8271 8001) and Semaphore (8449 8199).

AvantiplusChapel Hill

Summer Time Trials started 7 Oct

Southern Vets summer evening Time Trials run every Wednesday until the end of February 2016 at McLaren Flat – thanks to Geoff Hillman for supporting this event once more!

Riders need to present themselves ready to start at 6pm out front of the clubrooms.  Course is one lap of  Course 4    strava  finishing back at the start.  The event is generally complete by 7pm.  Entry is $5.  Prizes will be awarded at the end of the season.  A volunteer marshal is required each week – ride out, watch the action, ride home!

Check out all the results to date as well as an archive of previous year’s results on the “summer time trials” page.

Robert Freak Updates

16 November – email from Robert

After 14 months in hospital/rehab, I’m home with my latest wheelchair.
Thank you to the many of you who have visited me in Flinders/RAH/Hampstead – some all three.  Your care and support, company and conversations have been greatly appreciated and have played a part in helping me get through some very difficult times.
It was good to pass the overnight home stay test last Tuesday and be at home with the wonderful Julie.
There’s nothing quite as special as seeing all the trees and veggies in the garden.  It’s great to be able to drive my wheelchair around the footpaths of Unley & Malvern; I’ve certainly developed an appreciation of the parks and trees that we are blessed with.
There are still a few workmen around finishing off the alterations to the house.  Currently we have RN’s & carers keeping watch over me, too.
You are welcome to visit – generally the afternoon is the best, but maybe give a quick call to Julie 0401 135 648 to make sure we’ll be home.  There’s a special invitation to those of you who have found it too confronting to visit me “bunged up” in hospital – we really hope to see you.
Please come in as you are – cycling gear, tracksuit, work gear…
Looking forward to catching up.
Robert & Julie

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Note from Safety Officer Terry Proctor

A couple of safety and courtesy reminders from Terry Proctor with input from Matt Caldersmith.

To ensure we don’t interfere unduly with other road traffic during a race, we should always make our best effort to accommodate passing cars and show them we understand we are sharing the road.

One of the greatest hazards to us in bunch racing is the presence of oncoming cars, especially in sprint finishes; we must be especially alert and cautious at this time and always announce loudly an oncoming car, and never take undue risks when riding close to other riders.
Please read Racing For The Win