Nomination process for Opens / Championships has changed

SAMCA has a new On-Line nomination / registration process which is now active. We will all be asked to use this mechanism for all Open and Championship events in the future. The first event where you will need to use it is for September 20th –  the State Road Race Championships.

Registrations are also currently being sought for the National Championships  23rd – 25th  October.

Being new, there are bound to be issues as we all get used to the new system. The strong recommendation therefore is to get on line now and book early. This way, if there are problems,  we will have time to rectify them, rather than leaving everything to the last minute and causing massive frustration as we all try to sort out issues.

For those without access to a computer, it will still be possible to nominate by contacting the State Handicapper.

New Club Kit Being Considered

Geoff Bate has been asked to present a new design for Club Kit as members have advised that the current grey-background jersey design is not bright enough.  He has come up with the following.  Shorts will be available, as will women-specific jersey and shorts.  Alternate base colours may be possible.  Sponsor logos to be added.

Let Geoff know of your interest.

Yellow jersey version Yellow bib short

Southern Vets AGM – Very Preliminary Notice

Members are advised that our AGM is only 2 months away.  We will be needing new Committee members including Executive.  If you want to play a role in the running of your Club, please consider nominating!  Management experience or other skills helpful but not mandatory – learn on the job!

Mid-Year Social Event – Great Success!

Southern Vets Woodstock Pizza Night on Friday 21 August has been a great success.  After a slow start with bookings, a late rush in this last week meant that about 30 members and partners enjoyed a very pleasant evening.  There was more than enough to eat and a very convivial atmosphere not overtaken by the live music.

We thank Member Kerry Smart for the initial suggestion of an event, Committee Member Ilona Solinska for suggesting Woodstock and Social Secretary Pat O’Kane for undertaking the leg-work.  Cheers, guys!

Note from Safety Officer Terry Proctor

A couple of safety and courtesy reminders from Terry Proctor with input from Matt Caldersmith.

To ensure we don’t interfere unduly with other road traffic during a race, we should always make our best effort to accommodate passing cars and show them we understand we are sharing the road.

One of the greatest hazards to us in bunch racing is the presence of oncoming cars, especially in sprint finishes; we must be especially alert and cautious at this time and always announce loudly an oncoming car, and never take undue risks when riding close to other riders.

Please read Racing For The Win

Infuga Retreat Sponsors Club – Thanks Infuga!

Southern Vets sincerely thanks member and proprietor Rob Gaggini and Infuga Cycling Retreat for sponsoring the 26 July round of the Club’s Ron Williams KoM Series.

For members of Southern Vets, Infuga offers 25 percent discount on accommodation packages and 10 percent discount on all other coaching services.
Check out the Infuga website.

Infuga Retreat     1 Edmund Street     Normanville, SA 5204     Mobile Phone: 0400 060 733

InFuga logo feb 2015