Robert Freak severely injured – in FMC

Robert Freak collided with a car at the railway crossing on Shoreham Road South Brighton Thursday morning 28 August during the regular Club ride.  He was unresponsive and Club members and passers-by gave him CPR  till the SA Ambulance took over.  He was taken to Flinders Medical Centre and admitted to Intensive Care in a life-threatened condition.

Our thoughts are with Julie and Robert’s family at a very difficult time.

29 August update. Lien Nieuwenhoven attended FMC today and was able to see Robert with Julie very briefly.  He is apparently breathing independently but is still intubated.  At a later stage he may be transferred to RAH.

30 August update. Julie sends thanks for concern and good wishes.  Robert has fractured vertebrae in neck.  Eyes open, hearing and understanding but tube prevents speaking.  Hoping to get some movement in limbs back.  Must keep head and neck still; awaiting halo device to secure head and neck.  Julie requests no visitors till this device is in place.

31 August update. Julie advises Robert’s temperature was up indicating a possible infection, so he’s on a strong antibiotic.  The decision re the halo has been postponed while they see how the healing goes keeping his head still +/- a neck brace.  Doctors are hoping that the swelling around the first 2 vertebrae will have reduced in a week or so  and will consider what might be possible after that.

Radio reception isn’t good so Julie asks if anyone has an audio book for
Robert to help pass the time.

Julie passes on our good wishes and special thanks to Mary Howell and Rhonda Seymour.

This Week’s Race

Our scheduled handicap race for Father’s Day (7 Sep) has been cancelled.  Options for the day are three:  1. Stay in bed and be pampered by family  2. Go for a social or training ride   3. Enter Willunga175′s Hit the Hill ride – an opportunity for promotion of Club presence in Southern Vales community!

Social ride – no ride has been coordinated at this stage.  An informal group may assemble outside clubrooms for 0900.  A possible via point or destination point could be Hit the Hill.

Hit the Hill entries have closed.  Non-Cycling Australia licensed riders will be sent off in groups from 0900.  CA licensed riders will leave as seeded individuals from 1200.   Info page

First Aid Training

SDVLCC Committee wish to acknowledge that members Pat McCrohan and Greg Berryman were instrumental in saving the life of SAMCA President Robert Freak due to their First Aid training.

In the past, the Club has sought expressions of interest from members for sponsored First Aid training. New access to grant money for training members makes this easier and the Club is researching a provider who can accommodate a group training specifically for us.    With the recent purchase of a defibrillator, there will likely be a separate introduction to the unit post a race some time.  Details on both plans when available.

Note that First Aid duty is an alternative to Marshal duty.

Joining SAMCA

Club Committee members are ex-officio members of SAMCA, but any registered rider can join by completing an application form (hardcopy) and paying a nominal $1.  If you are interested in having a direct voice at SAMCA general meetings, please advise your Club Secretary David Milne or SAMCA Secretary Barry Taylor.

Fundraiser for Tandems

The Tandem Project provides support for vision impaired road cycling in Australia and has provided over $48000 over the past two years in equipment purchases, repairs and athlete financial support. Its major fundraiser for the year will be held on 18th September – a fantastic night at the Mercedes-Benz dealership, Mile End, coinciding with the release of the new Mercedes-Benz C Class.  Further information is contained in the flyer.