Club supports local school

Midway through this year and at the suggestion of Committeman Stafford Scott, Southern Vets decided to support a local community project each year.  The concept is to raise our positive profile within this community, of which we are a part.

The first recipient of Southern Vets’ support is our immediate neighbour, McLaren Flat Primary School.  After the completion of racing on 30 Nov, Deputy Principal Jo Bell attended our clubrooms, gave a brief presentation to members about their project concerned with numeracy learning through outdoor activities and accepted our contribution from President David Milne.

SDVLCC school donation-1100496

Safety Note – Non-finishers

If you don’t finish a race, it is very important that you advise the Line Officials in person at the line or phone the Referee (number posted on board at Clubrooms) to advise.  If you don’t cross the line and don’t advise, we don’t know if you’re safe.  The Club can’t assume you’ve just headed off home; it may be that you intend to finish, are just late and the trail car’s missed you, in which case someone will wait on the line to take your finish.  It may be that you are incapacitated somehow (bike/injury) and we need to look for you.  If you or your bike are not mobile, it’s usually better to stay on course, so we can find you.  Post race, we check for returned numbers at the Clubrooms, but the sooner we know, the better.

Membership Renewal for 2015

It’s time to sign up for 2015.

From our web page under ‘Join’ on the top menu, click HERE under ‘What to do if you want to join?’ and click on Join Now. This takes you to the AVCC site. At this point, it is important to Log In using your existing username and password. If you sign up as a new member,  or create a new username, your details will be stored as an additional new member. If you can’t remember your log in details, contact Greg Adams  who should be able to help you.

For 2015, the fee for selecting a Non Marshalling role has increased to $70 to help cover the cost of arranging fill ins.

The hardcopy SDVLCC membership application forms should only be used by people with no internet access, those requiring dual Membership or Come N Try riders.

Note that our 2014 licence expires on the 31st December.  You will be covered for training and racing by our insurers from the time you submit this form. For renewals after 1st January please note the insurance company does not allow days-of-grace. All racing members are covered by insurance for racing and training (including private training) and all officials and affiliates are covered for public liability.

When completed, a licence will be attached to your receipt. We can laminate this receipt for you at the club.

AvantiPlus joins Club Sponsors

Thanks to the hard work of Committee Member Stafford Scott, AvantiPlus has come on board as a Club sponsor.  Their first event is the up-coming Twin Peaks Open on 23 November.

Proprietor Andy Murnane offers a 20% discount on parts (excluding sale items) and service when you mention Southern Vets at any of the three convenient AvantiPlus stores located at Woodville (8268 6404), Unley (8271 8001) and Semaphore (8449 8199).  Members!  Support our new sponsor!

SDVLCC once again thanks AvantiPlus Woodville, Unley, Semaphore and Stafford Scott.