Hearing Aid Lost Sunday 17 May

Club member Barry Taylor has asked if a hearing aid battery section was found Sunday – roughly flesh-coloured, about 3cm in length, with a small length of clear plastic tubing.  Please advise Barry at his SAMCA email if you can help.

Transponder replacement

The transponders issued 5 years ago are nearing their end of life where the non-replaceable internal battery dies. The club will gradually replace transponders as they fail at a cost of $20 to the member and these should last another 5 years. We will let you know when your old transponder stops functioning and will issue a new one with the same number.

Robert Freak Updates

21 May Peter Keele has visited Robert at Hampstead and sends a report. Robert is more settled at Hampstead and he is better able to move around due to the equipment he has been provided. The physio is very intensive and among other things includes being sat on a bike that moves his limbs for exercise.

If all goes to plan, Robert may move home at the end of July. He will still require nursing/medical supervision and the house will be modified to accommodate his needs. This is a goal he is very much looking forward to. It will be a big step for both Robert and Julie and they will need all our support over the coming months.

Physio seldom finishes before 3.00pm so visits have to be arranged around this schedule. For those planning a visit, give yourself plenty of time to get out there (traffic!) but fortunately there is ample parking on site. The Spinal Injuries Unit is at the far east of the complex, so when you enter go as far as you can toward the hills. The sign-posting is better than the RAH so just keep following the signs.

27 April  Julie reports Robert’s transfer to Hampstead went well.  She says it’s much more relaxed there and the staff are specialists with spinal injury.

The Spinal Unit is at the far east of the complex, so when you enter go as far as you can toward the hills.  The long building contains Block 2 and the Spinal Unit is to the right at the end of the corridor – Robert is in room 2.

Visiting should be OK after 3 pm during the week or after about 2 on weekends.

20 April  Robert is planned to move to Hampstead Rehab mid-this-week.  Julie will advise when this has actually happened.  When it occurs, visiting time is definitely after 1430, as mornings will be devoted to therapy.

6 April  SAMCA President Paz Russo visited Robert very recently.  Robert will go to Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre in next 2 weeks or so – looking forward to it.

25 March  Robert is still in RAH Spinal Injuries Unit.  Peter Keele visited recently and passes on some information.

Robert’s condition has changed little recently.  He continues to use the ventilator off and on, and is regularly re-positioned for skin pressure area care.  He gets weary at times but still enjoys company and talking about Southern Vets and SAMCA.  He is keen to move to the Rehab Centre at Hampstead where he hopes the more intensive therapy will produce some results; he will also be able to dress in civvies.  A change of environment will help, too.

Peter threatened Robert that we will all come out to Hampstead to visit him in lycra and he seemed to warm to that idea.  A cycling visit will very much depend on his busy rehab schedule, however.

Julie is still bearing up well – a real trooper.

19 April – Thanks Eblens

While we might have avoided the traffic clashes in McLaren Vale in today’s final of the Eblens series, we certainly did not avoid climbing hills. Those pesky hills, a tough Handicapper and some wintery conditions made sure that the winners today earnt every penny. Thanks to everyone involved in today’s race, but in particular to EBLENS for their ongoing support of this challenging race series and for the spectacular BBQ at the end.


Come’n’Try Skills Session for Women a Success

The Come’n’Try Road Racing Skills Session for Women held on 19 April, has been a great success with 10 attendees.  The presentation was coordinated by a sub-Committee of Michelle and Phil Crick, Celine Randabel, Ilona Solinska and Peter Keele, and was led by Michelle and Celine on the day.

Thanks to all those folk for their work and to Celine’s husband who minded the children.  Congratulations to the attendees and we hope you enjoyed the day.

The Club looks like gaining a new member or two, but we need to work out where to go from here for follow-up.

Bike Donated

Over the years, members have donated bits and bikes to long-time member Brian McKenzie, who has built up the bikes to be presented to worthy individuals.  After Sunday’s race, the latest bike was presented to Gareth after nomination by David Chaplin.  Gareth couldn’t keep the smile off his face while speaking briefly his thanks to the Club, Brian and David.  Well done all!

InFuga Retreat Sponsors Club’s Penneys Hill Road KoM Race

Southern Vets is delighted to announce that InFuga Retreat will sponsor the 26 July round of the Club’s Ron Williams KoM Series that finishes on Penneys Hill Road.
At InFuga Retreat, proprietor Rob Gaggini provides cycling programs, coaching, training, cycling performance testing, an education series and accommodation.
For each grade winner, Rob will provide a voucher valid for one year (subject to availability) which includes accommodation for 2 people (one room) for a Saturday Night, with early check in and late check out, with use of the facilities and participation in the general program of the day at the Retreat. Breakfast is included.
The basic value for each voucher is $160.
For members of Southern Vets, InFuga offers 25 percent discount on accommodation packages and 10 percent discount on all other coaching services.
Check out the Infuga website.

Infuga Retreat     1 Edmund Street     Normanville, SA 5204

Mobile Phone: 0400 060 733

InFuga logo feb 2015