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Who Are Southern Vets?

Cycling keeps you fit and healthy in body and mind. Southern Vets gives riders (women 30+, men 35+) the opportunity to compete in road cycling against their peers over a number of courses out of McLaren Flat in the wonderful Southern Vales. Our riders average less than 20km/h to more than 40km/h, so there’s a place for everyone! We are a great bunch of people who invite you to join, make new friends, and share what we enjoy!

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Special thanks to members Greg Adams (Imagestix) and Richard Miller

Southern Vets 2016

Happy faces post event 3 July 2016

(Photographer Greg Adams)

Stafford Scott Rerun for Division 2


Nearly there. Start list is up with a full field. Remember trophies for top three place getters in Div 2 with other prizes thrown in. Weather forecast is a balmy 14 degrees, and no sign of rain. Some largish groups again on the road, so remember – safety first. Thanks again to Stafford Scott for sponsoring this event – it’s attracted a great field.

See Flyer for details.


Changes to Calendar

We weren’t able to run the Ron Williams KOM #5 last week due to the car hill climb (which never eventuated!) so have reprogrammed this to the 16th October. If you go to the link on the Calendar page, you will get an updated list for the remaining events for 2016.

You will note that the Claire weekend is missing. The event has been cancelled for this year.

Another change is that the Club Road Race Championship on 11th Sept is now on course 7B and the Individual TT on 25th Sept is now 2 laps, not 1.


AVCC 2016 National Titles Cancelled

Please see the note below from Mel Davies (Secretary/Treasurer AVCC)

We are sorry to announce that the National Championships scheduled for Canberra in October, has had to be cancelled because of problems associated with obtaining the necessary permits for the road events and time trial.
The ACT club sends its apologies and regrets to everyone who might have been planning to attend the titles.

Robert Freak Updates

6 Aug 2016 – email from Robert

To my buddies at Southern Vets.
You are part of my cycling family.  It was a real thrill to have so many of you make up the 241 people who attended my celebration at the Unley Town Hall last Saturday, 30 July.
I wish to publicly thank GREG ADAMS for being such a helpful cycling mate for many years.
He helped design the National Cycling Championship brochure when I was the Race Director & he excelled himself in making the video for my party.
So a BIG THANK YOU Greg.  (If you haven’t seen it Greg may make it possible).
I do miss the bike and the comradeship, so if you are near 43 Oxford Tce Unley I’d love you to call in.  Come and take a look at the Corvette Stingray & Harley Davidson – maybe even a drive.
I still plan on getting to one of the Club’s big races.
Hope to see you soon.
Robert Freak

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Handicapper Changeover

From this upcoming race and subsequently, Geoff Hillman will take over the Handicapper role.  We thank both Geoff and John Hood for their service in this role – much appreciated, men!

Geoff will be available to accept nominations via the online nomination facility, via handicapper@southernvets.org.au , on phone (+/- leave message) 8387 6276 and if you are present on the preceding Sunday, there will be a nomination sheet.

Transponder failures

Some timing system transponders are not recording.  If you have your transponder on your bike and correctly mounted (see transponders page ) and it hasn’t recorded (eg highlighted time in the published results), then it may have failed and needs to be replaced. Please have it checked by the Club.

Note that if you race with a non-functioning transponder your published time and placing may be inaccurate.

Southern Vets Community Donation

A couple of years ago, Committeeman Stafford Scott suggested that the Club should consider making a significant donation annually to a local community organisation. The idea was accepted enthusiastically by the Committee, with the donation to be funded by a small capitation on each entrant for events based out of Club headquarters.

In 2014, McLaren Flat Primary School received $1000 towards a project promoting numeracy learning through outdoor activities.

For the 2015 year, the Southern Vets Committee decided to target the local Country Fire Service. After consultation with the McLaren Flat Brigade and subsequent to a couple of scheduling difficulties, donations of $500 each to the McLaren Flat and Blewitt Springs Brigades were made on 29 May after the race.  Due to the large size of the two brigade units, the presentation was made in the carpark out the back of the primary school.  Club photographer Greg Adams has taken the excellent photo below.

Well done all members!

SDVLCC donation to CFS-1190954

Membership Renewals – highlighting some of the small print

AVCC have a membership offer to new members of 15 months for the price of 12, allowing people to join up in October of one year, and be covered for the full 12 months of the following year. This particular entitlement has been pretty handy for people wanting to join the Criterium series which starts in October.

We learnt last year the painful way, that this entitlement only extends to first time new members. If someone has let their licence lapse for a year or two, and then decides to rejoin for Criterium racing by joining on October 1st, the system will recognise them as a lapsed member, and then take their full year’s payment and apply it only to the current year – ie, they’re getting 3 months membership for the price of 12 months.

So if you fit into this category, why not sign up now and enjoy some great rides for the remainder of the year as well!

Transponder replacement

The transponders issued over 5 years ago are nearing their end of life where the non-replaceable internal battery dies. The club will gradually replace transponders as they fail at a cost of $77 to the member and these should last another 5 years. If your old transponder is not detected in a race finish (as indicated in the published results), please return it to the club for checking, it may be due for replacement.

The transponders are somewhat sensitive to their placement on the bike. In particular, covering the outside with the velcro fastening strap may affect the functioning. A rule of thumb is to try to maintain a clear line-of-sight between the outside surface of the transponder and the detecting hardware at the finish line.

Example of correct method of attachment:-Slide 1

First Aid Club Phone Number

You would all know that we never race without a First Aid Official in attendance. But did you know that the club has a dedicated mobile phone for our First Aiders?

Handy tip is that you place a permanent phone contact in your mobile for SDVLCC First Aid, so that in the event of an incident, you can contact our First Aider quickly.

The phone number is:       0488 107 519

We had another 13 members complete their First Aid training last week. Many thanks to those who took part. We intend to run these training programs on an annual basis, so keep an eye out for the next opportunity. The training, while aimed to qualify attendees to National First Aid qualification, is heavily biased towards cycling.