This Week’s Race – Clare

20 & 21 September 2014  VLCC Clare Classic Weekend Invitation Races – Saturday HCs, Sunday GSRs.  Ride either or both.  Up-dated flyer

Please note that the Early Bird nominations closed 9pm Sunday 14 September.  Later entries close 7pm Thursday 18 September at extra cost – see flyer linked above.  VLCC prefers that you nominate and pay via their on-line system.

Robert Freak severely injured – in FMC

12 Sep update.  The head of the Royal Adelaide Hospital Spinal Team has assessed Robert and recommended he move to RAH as soon as a bed is available in the Intensive Care Unit.
Robert now has a TV in his cubicle along with an ipod with music, podcasts & some audio books.

Rhonda Seymour saw Julie yesterday at the hospital and Julie seemed to be bearing up well. Greg Adams has been for a 5-minute visit that went OK for Robert, so visits may be possible. A strong suggestion is to ring the hospital first if you are thinking of going.

8 Sep update.  On 7 Sep nurses put Robert in a special chair for the afternoon.  With his body more upright there is less chance of chest infection, but he was very tired afterwards.
He still needs the ventilator to help him breathe but is getting a little stronger each day.
The tracheotomy is healing into place & down the track they will put a speaker there so he can try to talk.  At the moment Julie is trying to lip read as well as using an alphabet chart – it’s very slow and frustrating.
The specialists will advise soon when they think he could have visitors – it’s hard to have a conversation, but a quick hello might lift spirits.  Julie will let us know.

Information.  Robert Freak collided with a car at the railway crossing on Shoreham Road South Brighton Thursday morning 28 August during the regular Club ride.  He was unresponsive and Club members and passers-by gave him CPR  till the SA Ambulance took over.  He was taken to Flinders Medical Centre and admitted to Intensive Care in a life-threatened condition.

Our thoughts are with Julie and Robert’s family at a very difficult time.

SDVLCC receives Active Club Program Grant

Once again, due to the substantial work of Jeff Geisler, SDVLCC has received an Office of Recreation and Sport Grant for medical training and equipment, and Club promotion.

We will use the grant money for First Aid Training, top up for the new defibrillator and an up-coming promotional exercise.

Thanks to Jeff Geisler, Leon Bignell MP (local member and Minister for Recreation and Sport) and to the Office of Recreation and Sport.

First Aid Training

SDVLCC Committee wish to acknowledge that members Pat McCrohan and Greg Berryman were instrumental in saving the life of SAMCA President Robert Freak due to their First Aid training.

In the past, the Club has sought expressions of interest from members for sponsored First Aid training. New access to grant money for training members makes this easier and the Club is researching a provider who can accommodate a group training specifically for us.    With the recent purchase of a defibrillator, there will likely be a separate introduction to the unit post a race some time.  Details on both plans when available.

Note that First Aid duty is an alternative to Marshal duty.

Shottesbrooke Vineyards sponsors SDVLCC race 5 October

President Bob Seymour is pleased to announce that Shottesbrooke has provided a dozen bottles of their delightful wine for our 5 October race which will be named the Shottesbrooke Handicap.  On that day, at their Bagshaws Road McLaren Flat headquarters, Shottesbrooke is promoting their Afternoon Delights event to which all members are invited after the race.

Thanks to Shottesbrooke for their support and in particular Kylie Upitis.

Summer TT Series to run again

Geoff Hillman is happy to coordinate our Summer Evening Time Trial series again this season.  The series will run on Wednesdays starting 8 Oct (after Daylight Saving begins), first rider away on one lap (approx 17km) Course 4 from McLaren Flat at 6pm.  Entry fee is likely to be $5 and it’s always an enjoyable event.  If you have a TT bike that only sees the light of day occasionally, here’s your chance to give it a run.

SDVLCC Annual General Meeting 16 November

Club Committee renewal required!  All clubs do better with new members entering their committee each year.  As such the current Committee is calling for general members to start thinking about how and what they can contribute to making SDVLCC even better.  Feel free to approach any Committee member for information re roles or check the Constitution Section 6.  Don’t leave it too late to consider!

SAMCA Annual General Meeting

SAMCA AGM will be held in November.  The two (2) Executive positions available (at this stage) for 2015 are:
President  2 Yr Term
Treasurer  2 Yr Term

If you wish to stand in for one of these positions, your nomination, signed by yourself as the candidate and  a sponsor/nominator, must be submitted by 5.00 pm Tuesday 28 October. Nominations may be submitted by post or by electronic mail i.e. email, webmail or facsmile to:

South Australian Masters Cycling Association                                                                               postal:  PO Box 373  Mitcham  SA  5062
fax:  08 8125 6703

Please note that at this stage, Club Committee members are ex-officio members of SAMCA, but any registered rider can join as a private member by completing an application form (hardcopy) and paying a nominal $1.  If you are interested in having a direct voice at SAMCA general meetings, please advise your Club Secretary David Milne or SAMCA Secretary Barry Taylor.